University of Utah
School of Computing

CS7934 -- Computer Systems Seminar (Summer 2008)

Time: Thursday, 15:30 - 16:45, CSL Library (biweekly)

Organization: Anton Burtsev and Pramod Sanaga
Helpers: John Carter, Jay Lepreau, John Regehr, and Sneha Kasera


In CS7934 we will read and discuss technical papers from recent or imminent top-tier systems conferences (e.g., SOSP, OSDI, NSDI, SIGCOMM, ...). The specific papers discussed will be chosen based on the interests of the class attendees. On occasion people may present their own research or perhaps a trip report from a major conference. We aim to be informal but substantive.

Here is a course overview document, including a list of suggested papers for presentation and discussion.

You can check out what we did last semester here.

Mailing list

To get on the class mailing list use mailman to subscribe to csl-sem.


Although the course is listed as ``variable credit'', the course is only available for one (1) credit in most circumstances -- if you wish to take the course for more than one credit you will need to get approval from the instructor. Those taking the course for credit must read all of the papers, submit a short summary of each paper prior to class (PDF, Postscript, Latex), participate in each discussion, and facilitate the discussion of at least one paper. We urge students to sign up for one credit if you're going to be attending anyway.


Week Date Topic(s) Facilitator Paper(s)
1 05/22 Configuration management Anton Burtsev Purely Functional System Configuration Management, Eelco Dolstra, Armijn Hemel (HotOS XI)
3 06/05 Security, malicious hardware Anton Burtsev Designing and implementing malicious hardware, Samuel T. King, Joseph Tucek, Anthony Cozzie, Chris Grier, Weihang Jiang, and Yuanyuan Zhou University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (LEET'08)
5 06/19 Traffic redundancy, routing Pramod Sanaga Packet Caches on Routers: The Implications of Universal Redundant Traffic EliminationAshok Anand (UW Madison), Archit Gupta (UW Madison), Aditya Akella (UW Madison), Srinivasan Seshan (CMU), Scott Shenker (UC Berkeley) (SIGCOMM'08).
7 07/10 Sandboxing, binary translation Anton Burtsev Vx32: Lightweight User-level Sandboxing on the x86, Bryan Ford and Russ Cox (MIT), USENIX'08. Best student paper award.
9 07/17
11 07/31
13 08/14
15 08/28

Potential Papers

See overview handout for specific suggestions. In general, papers from upcoming/recent OSDI, NSDI, SOSP, SIGCOMM, and similar conference proceedings are good sources of papers for discussion.

Add your potential papers here.

NSDI'08 (link)

ASPLOS'08 (link)

EuroSys'08 (link)

FAST'08 (link)

USENIX Security'07 (link)

Oakland Security'07 (Conference, papers)

ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review
       Systems work at IBM Research (January 2008)
       Gossip-based computer networking (Oct 2007)
       Secure small-kernel systems (Jul 2007)
       Systems work at Microsoft Research (April 2007)