University of Utah
School of Computing

CS7940-005 -- Computer Systems Seminar (Spring 2005): Systems Lunch

Thursday 12:15-1:30pm, MEB 3147 (Large Conference Room)

Primary Organizers: Jay Lepreau and John Carter.

"People, Paper, and Pizza."


Food is provided... Papers will be chosen according to the interests of those actively participating. We expect most papers to come from recent and imminent top-tier conferences (e.g. OSDI, NSDI, Oakland/Usenix security), but the scope can be broad. On occasion people may present their own research, or perhaps a trip report from a systems conference. We aim to be informal but substantive.

Mailing list

To get on the class mailing list use mailman to subscribe to csl-sem.


We urge students to sign up for 1 credit if you're going to be attending anyway. Those taking the seminar for credit must read all the papers, write and submit before class a short summary of each paper, participate in discussion (of course!), and facilitate discussion of one paper.

List of Papers

Week Date Topic(s) Facilitator Paper(s)
1 1/20 Model checking, filesys Eric Eide Using Model Checking to Find Serious File System Errors, Yang, Twohey, Engler (Stanford), Musuvathi (Microsoft Research), OSDI 2004
2 1/27 Wireless ad hoc, p2p Juncheol Park
Sustaining Cooperation in Multi-hop Wireless Networks, Mahajan, Rodrig, Wetherall, Zahorjan (Univ. Washington); revised version to appear NSDI 2005
3 2/3 DDoS defense
Rob Ricci
Botz-4-Sale: Surviving Organized DDoS Attacks That Mimic Flash Crowds (PS, gzip'ed PS), Kandula, Katabi (MIT), Jacob (Princeton), Berger (Akamai/MIT); revised version to appear NSDI 2005
4 2/10 BGP, configuration faults, static analysis
Yu Yang
Detecting BGP Configuration Faults with Static Analysis Nick Feamster, Hari Balakrishnan (MIT); Revised version to appear in NSDI 2005
5 2/17 Security, buffer overflows, dangling pointers, corrupted memory, failure detection, failure recovery, C
Jonathon Duerig
Enhancing Server Availability and Security Through Failure-Oblivious Computing, Rinard, Cadar, Dumitran, Roy, Leu, Beebee (MIT), OSDI 2004
2/24 Static analysis, buffer overflows, safety, security, tool evaluation Eric Eide Testing Static Analysis Tools Using Exploitable Buffer Overflows from Open Source Code, Zitser, Lippmann, Leek, FSE 2004
7 3/3 Compilers, domain-specific optimization Kevin Atkinson Broadway: A Compiler for Exploiting the Domain-Specific Semantics of Software Libraries, Samuel Z. Guyer and Calvin Lin, Proc. IEEE, 93(2), Feb. 2005. (Invited paper.)
8 3/10 Recovery, Internet services Kirk Webb Microreboot – A Technique for Cheap Recovery, Candea, Kawamoto, Fujiki, Friedman, and Fox, OSDI 2004
9 3/17 Spring break    
10 3/24 Scientific workflow
"Scientific Workflow Management and the Kepler System"
Bertram Ludascher, Edward Lee, et al.
11 3/31 Pervasive Computing Sachin Goyal
"Surrogate Computing" paper
12 4/7  
  No Seminar
13 4/14 Wormholes in Sensor Networks Sean Walton "Visualization of Wormholes in Sensor Networks", Wang and Bhargava, Workshop on Wireless Security '04
14 4/21 Reliable Systems
George Candea
A Reboot-based Approach to High Availability (job talk; refreshments only)
15 4/28 System Management, VMs
Jay Lepreau
The Collective: A Cache-Based System Management Architecture, Ramesh Chandra, N. Zeldovich, C. Sapuntzakis, Monica Lam (Stanford), NSDI 2005