Me at the Festival of Colors 2010


I'm currently a graduate student at the University of Utah School of Computing (SoC) in the BS/MS program.

While I have many years developing enterprise-level web applications, I'm not the best at visual design nor do I have time to make this a sweet looking webpage. So consider this page is a work in progress.



I am a research assistant working under Prof. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan as a member of Gauss.

Coulomb's Law Simulator

January 2010 -

This project is an experiment to learn threaded programming in .net and using Microsoft's Chess (a tool for finding concurrency bugs in .net).

Technologies: Visual Studio 2008, .net 3.5

MiniMPI - An MPI Runtime using threads

April 2010 -

This project simulates an MPI Runtime API for usage in a future course to be offered on concurrency using MS .Net technologies.

Current Courses (Spring 2010)