Ray Tracing (CS6620) - Project 1

Kyle Madsen

Source Code

You can find the source code here

Required Image

Here is the required image generated by my raytracer:

Download as png or ppm
Download the scene file



I used the design from the class lectures. I added in the parser and image files that was given to us to build up my classes. I wanted to stick to the 'known' design for now.


Time Spent:

Creative Image

Cone of spheres

I made a .scn generator in C# then built a loop that creates spheres along a cone. There are 11 random materials, 3 lamb, 4 phon, and 4 metals. The ground plane is metal and the plane on the side is lamb. That is pretty much all there is to it, but the scene generator took some time.
Download as png or ppm
Download scene file

Extra Credit

Orthographic Camera

I shouldn't exactly be posting this since it is wrong, but I posting it would make it easy for someone to tell me what they think I'm doing wrong. Obviously it's stretching it in the up direction. I made my ortho camera by specifying a eye, lookat, and up vector just like the pinhole. I chose to do it this way rather then the u v vectors because it is easier to set up the camera. The position and lookat are the same as the pinhole camera in the project required scene.

Download as png