Offensive or funny?

“Girls suffer sometimes when their behavior is considered boy like”. Here is an episode of Seinfeld where a woman has man hands. Even though she could be very useful as a partner, she's not desirable to Jerry.

Manly Men

“It’s hard to tell whether stereotypical masculinity is being lampooned or celebrated." Here is a super bowl commercial that only aired once. Below is an image of Terry Crews in an Old Spice commercial. Terry is a super powerful, yelling, aggressive manly man.

Here is an image of a guy trying to be manly based on strength. Teddy bears and a Twilight poster makes it a failed attempt. Two theoretical characteristics of manliness creates irony and humor.

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Can Humor Educate?

This video from The Onion shows the perspectives of rich and poor classes by comparing them to a rich and super-rich. Is this humor educating?