The Kramer Group

Jessica Kramer
Dr. Jessica R. Kramer, Ph.D.

Now accepting rotation students
Students in the Kramer Lab will learn diverse techniques from materials science, cell biology, and chemistry of amino acids, sugars, and polymers. Dedicated mentorship will advance knowledge, skills, and careers. Join the fun! Email Dr. Kramer directly to discuss your interests (


Zeliha Ates
Zeliha received her Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from Dublin City University, Ireland. Her thesis is focused on the design of (bio)functional materials from naturally occurring macrolactones in the form of films, microspheres, and porous materials. She later researched the kinetics of NCA polymerizations as a postdoctoral researcher. She is currently interested in tailored polypeptides for cryopreservation applications.

Graduate students

Austin Schlirf
Austin holds a Bachelor’s degree in bioengineering with a concentration in materials science from Clemson University. He has experience with both organic and inorganic nanoparticles, surface modification, and polymer synthesis. He enjoys travel and has studied in Tokyo, Japan. Austin is currently studying synthetic mucin glycoproteins and their biomedical applications.

Undergraduate students

Nathaniel Wright
Nathaniel is a Biomedical Engineering major with a planned minor in Chemistry, expecting to graduate spring of 2019. Nathaniel is working in the Kramer Lab to investigate the properties of antifreeze proteins and planns to continue his education in graduate school.

Rotating graduate students

Zach Claus

Casia Wardzala