CS 4600: Computer Graphics, Fall 2017

Course Information

Lectures: WEB 1230, Mon/Wed, 11:50am - 1:10pm


Ladislav Kavan

Lead TM:

Dimitar Dinev


Jing Li, Saman Sepehri, Ankur Rathore, Junior Rojas


This course covers basic concepts of computer graphics and animation, in particular: mathematics for computer graphics, 2D image compression, 3D transformations, projections, illumination models, rasterization, ray-tracing, skeletal animation, skinning.

Homework Assignments and Lecture Notes:

Available through our Canvas site


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Textbooks (optional):

Shirley & Marschner, Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, 4th edition.

Gortler, Foundations of 3D Computer Graphics, 1st edition.

Useful online resources:

Online C++ tutorials

Online OpenGL tutorials

Policies and guidelines:

College of Engineering Guidelines

Academic Misconduct Policies
In this course, any of the following cases is classifed as academic misconduct: 1) sharing your homework assignment solution or its part with another student, or 2) requesting or using parts of homework assignment solutions prepared by another person (including students who took this course in previous years), or 3) re-using parts of third-party code (such as code fragments from online tutorials, software libraries, or books). Academic misconduct as defined above will result in a failing grade sanction, according to the School of Computing Academic Misconduct Policy.